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CNS Flashings

CNS Flashings

Roof flashings are used to finish the ends and corners of a run of roofing sheets, helping to protect your building against water intrusion. As well as being an integral component for the performance of your box profile, Tile Form or corrugated roof flashings are also a good opportunity to enhance the aesthetics of your building.

Here at Davies Bros, we manufacture and supply high-quality roof edge flashing made from steel with a variety of coatings, and a great choice of colour options of our metal roof edge flashings available too.

Trims and Flashings to Enhance and Protect Your Steel Roofing

Weatherproofing is a vital part of keeping your roof sheets and the inside of the building in good condition. A ridge flashing covers where two metal roofing sheets meet at the roof’s apex, while barge boards can be used to weatherproof and neatly finish the edges of steel roof sheets. Many flashings are available to suit our full range of metal roofing sheets.

Flashings enhance aesthetics, helps protect roof sheets against potential water intrusion and are an integral part of any steel roofing project.

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