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Drip Stop


Roof sweating can occur with metal roofing, and Dripstop is a tried and tested way of preventing it. ‘Roof sweating’ occurs in uninsulated buildings when excess humidity condenses on the reverse of your roof. It usually happens around the beginning and the end of the day because of the stark difference in temperature inside and outside your roof. Water vapour collects until it forms droplets and starts to fall. This could cause rot or rust, as well as damage to your floor if the drips are substantial.

What is Dripstop?

Dripstop is an anti-condensation grey polyester fleece membrane which is applied to the reverse of sheet profiles to prevent any dripping in conditions of high humidity. The clever technology traps moisture in specially-designed pockets which are formed within the membrane. Those pockets hold any liquid until it can be released back into the environment within your building as normal humidity.

How does Dripstop work?

Dripstop literally stops these drips from occurring by collecting any vapour which would form on the metal in the little pockets that sit in the membrane, essentially soaking it up like a towel would. As the air around it warms up again, the water collected evaporates into the air and the fleece dries out.

Does Dripstop work to stop condensation?

While it does wonders for trapping condensation, Dripstop cannot stop it from happening. For the material to work properly, your building must have adequate ventilation to allow the membrane to dry out as part of its cycle for it to work to its full potential.

Dripstop is resistant to ageing and provides an extra protective layer to your roof – it’s a cost-effective measure that maintains the structural integrity and aesthetics of your roof, therefore requiring less conservation than more traditional methods. It’s easy to clean using a hose or pressure washer and is incredibly durable, so there really are no downsides!

Dripstop Information

Dripstop is factory-fitted and applied during the roll forming process, so if you decide to purchase Dripstop with your profiles, we will fit it to the underside of the sheeting for you. When your roofing panels arrive at your building site, Dripstop will already be applied and ready to go when you are.

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