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Ventilated Sheeting

Ventair Steel Sheets

The lack of ventilation is a major hazard in livestock housing. The use of ventilated cladding sheets helps to create a cleaner and healthier environment. Humidity within the building combined with lower outside temperatures creates condensation. A damp humid atmosphere is one of the worst environmental conditions of animal housing. Too high a temperature results in animals displaying increased metabolic rates leading to poor conversion rates. To avoid these problems fresh air must circulate constantly. Moist air must be evacuated and replaced with clean air.
Because we know that your building will need to look great too, Davies Bros ventair is available in both polyester and plastisol in a range of colours.

DBS 32-1000 Reverse Vent Air

DBS Ventair is a 32-1000 reverse profile wall cladding sheet, punched with specially designed louvers.
Superior to other ventair available because the louver gap is deep, each one spanning across the whole 120mm rib, allowing more air to flow.
Louvers are cut across the full width of the sheet and to any length required down the sheet.




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